Tuesday, 11 August 2015

What is a KIOSK in the Food and Beverage (F&B) Industry, Definition of Food Kiosk

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Today I am going to discuss about KIOSK, what it means, what a Kiosk stands for in the F&B Industry as most of the people i meet or talk with are blank when they hear the term Kiosk.
The word ‘KIOSK’ is derived from Persian kūshk (Portico), Turkish köşk
The first known use dates back to 1625.

Kiosk is a structure, which usually has one, three or all four sides open to interact with people / serve food / sell items to people . Some times it can be in a circular form also. Indian food Kiosks are usually open from 3 sides.
When it comes to a Mall Kiosk, it is mostly a movable structure. It might have wheels in some cases (when the kiosk is outside the Mall entrance). But if the Kiosk is next to the food court, near the food court, or in one side of the food court, in the lobby of the Mall or on any floor of the Mall then you wont see wheels as aesthetically the wheels do not look appealing.
A Kiosk can have a roof or it could be an open Kiosk. It will definitely have a roof if it is in the open areas like roads, outside malls etc, to avoid sun, rains, dust and as it needs to be locked at night for security reasons but if it is inside the mall then it will depend on the mall requirement, brand design etc.
It can be a fixed structure also, like the tea and food stalls we see at every railway platform, railway station.
A kiosk can be made in any material, mostly in Malls we see
a) Wooden Kiosk
b) ACP Kiosk – made with Aluminium Composite Panel
c) MS Kiosk – MS Steel stands for Mild Steel
The materials used will determine the strength of the Kiosk, for Food & Beverage Kiosks, it is better if Wood is avoided, as it attracts pests and is impossible to clean, plus the maintenance is very high but everyone uses wood as it is the cheapest way to build a Kiosk. 
We at Juice Lounge Juice Bar use a mix of ACP (for Body), MS (for structure) and HiMacs (Korean Material) for counter surface etc.
Thus our Kiosks always stand out among other Kiosks
Attached are some pictures of Juice Lounge Juice Bar Franchise Kiosks
I hope this article has helped you :)
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